Nuo - Lend and Borrow Cryptocurrency
Token Name Lend APR Borrow APR Loans Active Reserve Pool Long or Short Lend & Earn


Borrow with Leverage

Instantly borrow ETH or ERC20 tokens from debt reserves by staking collateral in our smart contract. No Platform Fees.


Lend & Earn Interest

Create a debt reserve & earn interest on your crypto assets every single day without any hassle. Cancel Anytime.





Multi Assets

We currently support ETH, DAI, MKR and 8 ERC20 tokens on the debt marketplace


Every loan disbursed is fully backed by a collateral in the smart contract


Users can borrow long & short term loans at preferred rate of interest & tenure

Meta Tx

All transactions delegated to the contract & executed post order matching

Smart Account

Password encrypted private key for signing transactions along with other wallets


Off-chain architecture ensures high speed and low latency margin trading

A Global Debt Market


Fully decentralised using smart contracts


All transactions verifiable on-chain


No Intermediaries. No hidden fees.

Lend and Borrow FAQs

What is Nuo Network?

Nuo.Network is a decentralised debt marketplace that connects lenders and borrowers across the world using smart contracts. Our goal is to create global decentralized debt products using the Nuo Protocol.

How can I start using Nuo Network?

To get started, you need to create a Nuo account with your Metamask / Web3 wallet or a password based signup. You need to transfer ETH or ERC20 tokens to this account address to start lending or borrowing on the platform.

Is Nuo Network non-custodial?

Yes, Nuo Network is non-custodial. All user funds are locked in smart contract based accounts without Nuo Network having any direct or indirect access to those funds. These funds can be accessed only using smart contract based account by a user.

What is smart contract based account?

Nuo account is a simple and secure smart contract implementation that gives users control over their ETH and ERC20 tokens through use of meta transactions. This contract based account keeps user funds for loan and reserve orders on a single address.

Can I use Nuo on mobile devices?

Nuo can be used across platforms and devices. You can access Nuo directly on your mobile broswer or via mobile web3 wallets including Coinbase Wallet, imToken, Trust, Status etc. Our goal is to support more Web3 wallets and browsers in the future.

You are in safe hands

256-bit SSL

Bank grade security and encryption


Fully tested smart contracts

24/7 Support

We are here to help you, anytime


Way to recover credentials soon

Lend and Borrow Cryptocurrency